Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Look not to Israel, the Arab states or the U.S. for a solution - look to the United Nations!

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- an article from Commentary magazine, current issue, by Michael Bernstam.

I found this article amazing in its simplicity. It seems so obvious to me after reading it that I marvel that anyone carefully contemplating the Israel-Palestinian conflict could fail to consider the role of UNRWA. But you never hear a word about it.

If Bernstam is right, then UNRWA must stand as the most perniciously destructive and counterproductive of the agencies of the UN. The "achievements" of the UN in the world have been rightly criticized and even vilified. But this must be the worst of them. It is a case mostly of unintended harms, but that is no mitigation to those millions whose lives it has affected.

Those who rise to condemn Israel pointing to the injustice of the displacement in 1949 of the Arabs whose descendants became today's Palestinians, should read this article carefully and consider the balancing of evils over the years that have attended all of the many refugees from that awful period in history. Absent the dependency enabling (nay producing) role of UNRWA, the refugee status of the Palestinians would not have endured. In the meantime, UNRWA has evolved into a Palestinian controlled, terrorist sponsoring, paramilitary organization that is also an all-encompassing welfare state perpetuating refugeeism. Remember, this is an agency of the United Nations.! And, as such, it receives most of its financing from the taxpayers of the United States!

What this article tells me (and I do not discount the possibility that I am naïve about some of it) is that while we correctly report, analyze and condemn current injustices on both sides of the issue - being the predictable result of political opportunism and the racism of fundamentalists and ultra-nationalists - the foundationally pathological structure of the Palestinian situation is at the root of it. If this is not fixed the problem quite simply will never go away and will probably get steadily worse. Yet, if Bernstam is correct, the solution he offers, the abolition of UNRWA, is the obvious fix.

I highly recommend you read this article.

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