Monday, December 5, 2016

Wende Weinberg - a special person

Wende Weinberg died on Sunday morning. 
Most deaths are sad and painful for those left behind, but, every now and then, comes along a special person who touches the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, especially the lives of children, and whose death evokes a great sadness in an entire community. Such a person was Wende Weinberg. Wende worked in our school for two generations - and taught the children of children over the years. She combined competence as an administrator with the heart of a revered religious leader. She was the heart and soul and head of our Jewish studies program. As the wife and right-hand of a rabbi of a vibrant and growing shule she was loved also by all of the congregants. And with all she achieved she was still a young woman with so much more to offer, struck down cruelly while still in her prime. She clung tenaciously to life, determined to do her job as best as she could for as long as she could.
To say she will be missed is woefully inadequate. We shall never see her like again, but her many achievements leave us with a legacy whose value we must nurture and cherish.

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