Friday, November 27, 2009

Calm down on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Tranquility, family, friends and great food – what is not to like? Time out to be thankful- I actually prefer the word "appreciative."

So when I was thinking about what it is that I have to appreciate, I realized that the most powerful emotion I was feeling these days was anger.

I am angry so much of the time. Mostly I am angry with the President and the Congress and the idiots who elected them. I am angry with those who continue to worship President Obama – witness the latest extravaganza that is nauseatingly perseverating on HBO. I am angry at stupidity and even more angry at hypocrisy.

Anger can be useful if channeled productively, but it is so often a destructive emotion. Better to appreciate what I have and find the good, than to fixate on the bad. At least I live in a country where one is permitted to express one's anger without fear. Good that many people seem to share my anger at the mounting deficits, and growing intrusions. Good that some people seems to have been enlightened by my messages, however small the number - from small things ... .

Maybe in the bigger picture this will turn out to be a short historical episode. Maybe the American spirit that I so much admire will, in the end, prove to be indomitable. Find some calm, if only for a moment, on this Thanksgiving day.


Anonymous said...

Anger is a little harsh, I use the title Grumpiest Guy in the UK. Being grumpy is much more satisfying as one can be grumpy about everyhting. Anger should be reserved for the really special events and occassions.

Peter Lewin said...

Yes,grumpy is better than angry. Count me as a member of the grumpy old men club.