Monday, November 16, 2009

Take the Israel Test Today

See the book review found here. I am reading this book now. It is fascinating. I am enjoying it immensely, no doubt because I find myself in agreement with almost every word I have read so far.

For those with different presumptions – most of the rest of the world – it will be a less satisfying experience. But it is a book I cannot recommend highly enough, especially for those who disagree – if only they will read it carefully and agree, at least, to think about his assertions, which may strike many, at first, as preposterous.

The things that Gilder says could probably only be said by a non-Jew. He is uncompromising in the extreme. But, although his Judaophilia may strike some as excessive (even to me in his obsession with the likes of John von Neumann), his ideas, his historical characterizations, his economic insight need to be carefully considered.

Of particular value to me was his clear statement of the connection between the two major causes of my life – a connection I have been struggling to make clear and that Gilder has done masterfully. Namely, the connection between Israel and America is a connection based on achievement through economic freedom.

This is the reason they are connected in the minds of their many enemies who hate them both. It is what connects dubious bed-fellows like Chavez and Ahmadinhejad (a socialist dictator and a religious-fanatic dictator). It is what motivates the effete European intellectuals who love to sneer at America and politely vilify Israel and the Jews, looking on in silent satisfaction while Moslem immigrants vandalize Jewish property and terrorize European Jews.

Read the book, but if you don’t, at least read the review.


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