Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dershowitz's eight points

In considering the relationship between the United states and Israel, these eight points must be kept in mind. 
  1. Foremost, the US and Israel are on the same side in the continuing struggle against Islamic extremists who endanger the lives of American troops and American civilians.
  2. Israel is one of America’s most important strategic allies, providing us with essential intelligence, research and developments and other important assets.
  3. There is nothing that Israel or the United States can do that will turn these extremist enemies into friends. It is what we are, rather than what we do, that enrages those who wish to turn the entire world into an Islamic caliphate and subject us all to Islamic Sharia law.
  4. Any weakening of the alliance between the United States and Israel will make it far less likely that Israelis--who get to vote on these matters--will take significant risks for peace.
  5. The Obama Administration’s public attacks on Israel will harden Palestinian demand and make it less likely that they will accept a compromise peace.
  6. If Israel’s enemies were to lay down their arms and stop terrorist and rocket attacks against Israel, there would be peace.
  7. If Israel were to lay down its arms, there would be genocide. 
  8. When the Palestinian leadership and population want their own state more than they want there not to be a Jewish state, there will be a two-state solution.

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