Monday, April 19, 2010

Time to wake up - right now - before its too late

The U.S. has vital national security interest in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ... when conflict breaks out . . . that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.
statement by Barak Obama.

This statement, the subject of today's WSJ editorial, is very disturbing. It strongly supports the suspicion that the Obami are orchestrating a credible push to have Israel withdraw to it 1967 borders. 

The statement is both cynical and naive. It is naive because it suggests that the conflict can be simply "resolved" if only Israel will play ball. It thus suggests, not so subtly, that Israel is the "cause" of the conflict. And secondly, and more disturbingly, it repeats the lie that this Israel-caused conflict is putting American lives and resources in danger. This persistent repetition, even in face of considerable compelling argument and evidence to the contrary, suggests that it is a point of view that is impervious to contrary argument. 

It is cynical, therefore, because it is used in the service of a foreign policy trajectory that is indifferent to its truth-content. In other words, they don't really care if it is true or not, it is useful in the attempt to remove Israel as an obstacle in the way of a grand reconciliation between Islam and the West. This is, I believe, Barak Obama's real agenda. I believe he is passionate about it and will pursue it in cynical disregard of the Israeli lives that he sacrifices in the process. It is a crazy agenda, being pursued by a swollen ego, that threatens substantial collateral damage. A reconciliation with Islam is not dependent on anything that Israel does or can do. It is really a ridiculous hope. But the attempt to vilify and isolate Israel in its pursuit is not. Let us hope that this part is a miserable failure.

Much depends on the steadfastness of the average American in his/her belief in the value of Israel as a strong ally. And much depends on the likelihood of many influential American Jews awakening to the truly diabolical nature of their messiah. The proportion of Americans critical of Obama's Israel policy is higher than the proportion of American Jews who are similarly critical of it. Can you imagine anything more sadly ironic - to have a large section of American Jews complicit in this cynical anti-Israel agenda? What the hell are they thinking?

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Peter Lewin said...

Indeed, but my understanding is that the Jews may still vote for Obama and are supportive of J Street, which is funded by George Soros, the Democrats, Saudi Arabia, et al.