Friday, May 21, 2010

What's a little ranting between friends?

Many of my "Liberal" friends think that budget deficits and the size of government are irrelevant. They just don't believe, deep down, that these things really matter. In the end the American economy will work fine no matter what the increased size of government, and will grow its way out of the deficits.

Their smug ignorance exasperates me. They should know better. Intelligent people should think hard about things like this. They don't. They are impatient with the detail and the subtlety of issues. The eyes glaze quickly.

Instead they are swept by the emotion of the righteousness of "doing good." This makes them feel "good" in spite of their riches - about which there is a nagging guilt, since there are, after all, so many people who have so little. With Obama as their acting angel to right the world they can sleep better.

And, of course, they are bolstered in their ignorance by those who should know better - qualified experts, like Paul Krugman and others, who write in the New York Times and appear monotonously on National Public Radio, the BBC and the TV talk shows, to extol the virtues of the new Messiah and poo poo the naysayers who, after all, have their own nefarious agendas.

They would not run their businesses or their families the way the Obami are running the government - it would make them very uncomfortable and very nervous. Multiply this a few million times and that is what they should feel about the rapidly shrinking size of the private sector. The little people they care so much about will be the ones to suffer most in the end and the "Liberals" will have some responsibility for that. But that's ok because they won't realize it.

Its not the climate that is a problem, its the economy stupid. Wake up! 


Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman, the NY Times--it doesn't look any better from here, in London UK.

You omitted to mention, George Soros.

Anonymous said...

No, not "anonymous" but on Twitter @moorparkweather

Peter Lewin said...

My name is Peter Lewin and I live in London.
Increasingly concerned at the levels of anti-Semitism in Europe.

But your President is doing nothing to help--attacking Israel, whilst seeking to ingratiate the US with despotic Arab states.

Even Jimmy Carter didn't behave like this (at least when he was President.)

Peter Lewin said...

Hi Peter,

I just saw your post. Is that really your name? Amazing! I agree with your post.