Friday, June 18, 2010

The President wants to be more European than the Europeans!

Unbelievable! That great sage of economic wisdom, Barak Obama, has taken it upon himself to write a letter to the EU, advising them not to abandon their fiscally irresponsible policies for fear of prolonging the recession. He didn't actually use those words of course. Its back to "stimulus" talk. 

Finally, backs to the wall, the most fiscally irresponsible countries of Europe are edging towards cutting government spending and deficits, raising retirement ages, reducing union power, and other sorely needed and overdue steps. If they follow through these will bear dividends. Private investment will rise, unemployment will fall and economic growth will return. How ironic that it is the president of the United States, historically the more fiscally responsible party, that is now urging Europe not to abandon the very behavior that got it into trouble and that is getting us into the same trouble. Obama, and his acolytes want us to be more like Europe, they don't want Europe to be more like we used to be. Maybe they want us all to sink together.

This is the worst American president in my memory. An anti-American, American President. Go figure!

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